The School of Motoring strives to create the best possible coaching environment. The car we use is a Toyota Corolla with automatic transmission. We are also qualified to teach in manual transmission cars. We can offer lessons in your manual car if you choose.

We believe that learning to drive is a life skill. Learning correct techniques early will ensure that you become a more competent driver. Statistics suggest those who combine learning with their parents, as well as a professional driving school, are less likely to be involved in a vehicle collision when they start driving on there ‘P’s.


At the School of Driving we encourage parents to help their children learn to drive. We understand the cost for parents of putting their children through a driving school can be expensive. That is why we like to meet with parents to discuss any area’s of concern. This in turn helps us to tailor the driving lessons to meet a young persons current skill level and training needs. Students become competent drivers more quickly. Competent drivers are safer drivers. We focus on giving young people every opportunity to understand and learn safe driving habits from the very first lesson.

We like to work with parents to help young people develop the critical skills used to identify hazards. A large part of the RMS Provisional Driving test is about hazard perception. Our training is designed to help young drivers see any potential hazards and take preemptive defensive measures.


We do not teach young learners to pass the drivng test. We teach them to become safe competent drivers that are able to pass the driving test because there driving skills are better than the minimum necessary to pass the driving test. We coach and encourage young drivers to improve their skills after each lesson. We build on those driving skills at each lesson. This helps each person gains the competency required to pass the RMS Provisional Driving Test. Our goal is to help young people gain the skills to last them a lifetime.

We will assess your skills and we will advise you when we think you are competent to pass your driving test. We feel that most people should be capable of successfully completing their driving test at around 120 hours of driving. If you feel you want to attempt your driving test, talk to us we will be happy to discus your timetable and help you achieve your goal.

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