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Note: The School of Driving are fully professionally insured. As well as meeting all other RMS requirements for Driving Instructors in NSW.

Pricing for Lessons in Our Car


Lesson Pack 1 $699*

This includes 10 lessons with an additional 1 hour lesson before your test and the use of the School of Motoring car for the test. At the conclusion we will drop you off at home or other location within our area.

Lesson Pack 2 $990*

This includes 20 lessons and a 1 hour lesson prior to your license test as well as the use of the car for the driving test. We pick you up from a nominated location and return you home after the test.

Specialist Training

All lessons are charged at $66 per hour. See our Specialsit Training page for full details

Expiry of Offers and Payment Options

All pre paid packages are valid for 12 months from date of payment. Option to pay by 3 installments at no extra charge also available. Please phone us on 0415 716 287 or contact us for full details


All payments made will receive an invoice from School of Driving.

* All Prices Include GST. All prices are correct as of 15 February 2017. Prices are subject to change without notice

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