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specialist driver training in NSW with School of Motoring

Are you the holder of a provisional or full car license. Are you becoming more nervous about driving?

Have you been involved in a serious car collision?

Do you feel you need more confidence to drive.

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, I can help.

I offer specialized training to learners and drivers who suffer from excessive nerves or who are becoming too intimidated to drive. If you are someone who experiences intimidation when driving you should contact us to discuss options available to you in more detail.

All personal information is kept in the strictest confidence and the School of Motoring comply fully with statutory requirements.


I am not a psychologist or have any formal medical training. I have experience with trauma and the effects on people. I can offer coaching to assist you to recover your skills and confidence.

While I am happy to help I would encourage anyone suffering increased anxiety, especially after a traumatic event, to seek professional counseling.

Colin is a former Highway Patrol Field Training Officer with over 38 years of driving experience.

* Currently 1 hour lessons are charged at $66 per hour. Price Include GST. All prices are correct as of 15 February 2017. Prices are subject to change without notice

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